Clients book online while you are using your precious time for actual business.
Online within seconds.


Suitable for every busines size. For small business to multinational.


Cause of our universal and modular setup, we are suitable for every business category.


Owner or employee. We have several roles with their own permissions in the system.


Software is dynamic. We regularly update your application.

The solution for your business

Booking a reservation has never been easier. Optionally customers automatically get reminded about their appointments.

We provide a webpage for your company integrated with a beautiful appointment module. You may provide information to your customers there.

Multiple templates are available for your own look and feel.

The widget is easy integratable in your existent website.

We have clear basic subscriptions.
By using additional modules, it is possible to purchase more desired functions. This allows us to provide excellent low price.

  • No subscription fees.
  • All bookings are free within subscription bundle. No percentage of order amount.
  • Free trialperiod.
    There is no notice, the trial will stop automatically.

Look at our features page for more information.


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Our system is ready for use immediately.
After registration, the application is usable and configured with the most common settings for you. The web page for your customers is immediately ready for your appointments.

Not everyone wants the same and therefore the appointment system is very flexible and easy to manage. Several settings may be adapted to your needs.
Among others you can set reminders, openinghours, holiday times, etc. Look here for a list of features.

In the secure user environment you have access to all the possibilities for flexible handling of your appointments.


See an try some of our widget. The testappointment will be processed like in a real life situation. Demo1(Barber) Demo2(Dentist)